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Dontavius Jackson To Transfer From Georgia, Athens Police Officers Pouting Mightily

Dontavius Jackson, he of the Georgia Bulldogs and the six-misdemeanors-in-one-traffic-stop petty crime coup, will leave the university after the summer semester. SBN's DawgSports bids him farewell and paints this as a cautionary tale on the dangers of huffing recruiting glue:

This story is recruiting-related for a couple of reasons. One, it's yet another reminder that even the most star-studded recruits can flame out due to bad grades, bad injuries, bad decisions, or bad timing. DJax came to Athens as the top tailback in the state out of Heard County, but quickly fell in a depth chart hole due to a broken leg suffered during his senior season. Nagging injuries and the presence of a series of other talented tailbacks then kept him off the field for most of 2009. But while he was not going to start ahead of either Caleb King or Washaun Ealey, it would not have been improbable to see him get some carries this season. We wish him the best.

The other way that this affects recruiting is that it eases some scholaraship pressure.

If he's looking to stay out of trouble (and given his recent history that's entirely debatable), Jackson can't really go any place with a better collegiate atmosphere; there's not a lot of Big City Temptation to run from in Athens. But maybe the cops are less vigilant someplace where the grass is greener.