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Raja Bell Spurns Lakers, Signs With Utah Jazz

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Free agent Raja Bell was supposed to have a meeting Kobe Bryant on Wednesday to see about coming to the Lakers.  Consider the meeting canceled as Bell has signed a three-year contract worth a reported $10 million to play for the Jazz.  Consider Utah fans...well...curious.

Bell... we've all seen him before. And many were sad when he jumped to Phoenix after his first go-around here ended. He's coming off of a wrist injury that limited him to 6 games last season. If he's over that, though, he brings his career 41% from downtown shooting mark and some veteran defense (and the clear ability to frustrate Kobe Bryant... or clothesline him if need be). He's played for Sloan before, so that's going to help both sides... he knows what Sloan expects.

Better or worse than Matthews? That's to be seen. They're both solid jump-shooters, they both play good D on the perimeter. Bell is much cheaper though, and has proven his worth in the league (for those that think that's important). This does mean, of course, that the offer to Matthews will not be matched. We'll have to see what happens over there now... Matthews just got stuck behind a bunch of wings.

Keep an eye on SLC Dunk for updates.