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Tim Tebow Has A Special NCAA '11 Game Cover In Alabama

Tim Tebow was the cover boy for NCAA 2011, striking a fearsome, fist-clenching pose on the front of EA's college football game/simulator/epic time suck. FEEL HIS INTENSITY, VIEWER. Early reviews indicate that the 2011 edition of the game features improved passing, something Tebow will also have to patch up in the transition between last year's edition and this year's in his first year as a Bronco. 


If he's like the game he'll throw a pick every fifteen attempts or so whether he wants to or not, which will make him sad, and which will remind you of Tim Tebow's other less dignified pose: crying. Fortunately the GameStop managers of Tuscaloosa, Alabama are here to remind you of that pose lest you forget with a custom cover they slipped onto their stores' copies of the game. 




The first Tebow is funny, but come on. The Tebow crying over Tebow's shoulder is just overkill, which is why a very cruel part of me loves it. (HT: MichPlaced Gator.)