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Jose Mourinho Ushers In Immediate Changes To Real Madrid Training

From the same report that dropped the news that Sami Khedira was in Madrid on Thursday comes a list of changes José Mourinho has already made at Real Madrid.

  • Mourinho has had sleeping quarters put in at the club's Valdabebas training facilities.  Whereas under previous regimes players would be allowed to go home between morning and afternoon sessions for their siesta, now they will be expected to stay at the facility.
  • In turn with the sleeping quarters, players are now expected to put-in a whole working days.  While in the past players would come for each of the double training sessions or for one long session, Mourinho has now outlined training regimes which will require increased attention.
  • That means less time to fraternize with fans, so Mourinho has had areas designated for player-fan interaction closed.  Players will be expected to train while at the training facility.
  • On the personnel side comes word that Mourinho's new era has come with a complete discarded of the old, not only hinting at Raúl and Guti's departures but also telling them to stay away from training.
  • And as part of a changing of the guard, Mourinho has insisted that Pedro Leon and Sergio Canales, acquired from Getafe and Racing Santander respectively, not be loaned back to their previous clubs, as had been assumed.

And while Mourinho has demanded sacrifices of his players, he seems set to continue making them himself. Spanish photographers assigned to capture the coach's arrivals and departures have been witness to the Special One's 12-hour work days.

Real Madrid finished second in the Spanish Primera last season and is preparing for a tour of the United States, where they will wage friendlies against the San Jose Earthquakes and Los Angeles Galaxy.