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Sure, Jimmy Clausen 'Can Throw The Ball.' But Is He A Quarterback?

Terry Bradshaw is not a big fan of Jimmy Clausen. Speaking at EverGreen RV in Middlebury, Indiana -- for which Bradshaw now serves as spokesman for reasons passing understanding -- Bradshaw was unimpressed by these "numbers" of which some people speak.

I don't know how many big games he's won (at Notre Dame). As far as I can count, not many."

"A lot of guys can throw the ball and pile up stats, but are you a difference maker?"

Please ignore the fact that Clausen threw for about 310 yards a game, good for fifth in the NCAA; he didn't win many games. Of course, he threw for more than 300 yards and at least two touchdowns in four of Notre Dame's six losses. And, sure, the defense gave up an average of 426 yards in those four losses.

But you see, if Jimmy Clausen had only focused less on "throwing the ball" and more on "making a difference," Notre Dame would have won those games. And that would have made him a better NFL quarterback, as well. After all, who wants a quarterback if all he can do is pass?

(HT: Dr. Saturday)