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Bill "Spaceman" Lee Bids Good Riddance To George Steinbrenner

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↵George Steinbrenner was a controversial and, for some, contemptible figure in life, but rancorous thoughts are usually supposed to be cast aside in the days and weeks immediately following someone's death. That isn't to say that bad deeds committed in their life can't be mentioned, but it's probably best to avoid making outright proclamations of joy in the death of another. ↵

↵Bill Lee, then, is likely to catch a bit of flak for these comments made about the late Yankees owner. In an interview with a New Hampshire NBC affiliate, the former Red Sox pitcher expresses happiness in Steinbrenner's passing. He goes on to say that The Boss had tried to get him banned from the sport before calling Steinbrenner a convicted felon. ↵


↵He then tops it off by saying through laughter, "If hell freezes over, he'll be skating." ↵


↵I guess we'll just go ahead and cross Bill Lee off the eulogy list at the Steinbrenner funeral. ↵


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