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Report: Bulls Sign Ronnie Brewer To Three-Year Contract

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The Bulls have quickly recovered from missing out on J.J. Redick, signing former Jazz and Grizzlies swingman Ronnie Brewer to a three-year contract worth $12.5 million, according to Sam Smith of

It's All Those Jazz! Bulls have their starting two guard as NBA sources say they agree to $12.5 million three-year deal with Ronnie Brewer

Terrible puns aside, the move is a good one for Chicago, seeing as Brewer was an emerging player in Utah before being banished to Memphis. He reportedly spurned an offer to join the Celtics because he wanted the chance to start, and he'll get that chance on a Bulls team that traded Kirk Hinrich to the Wizards earlier in the offseason.  

My concern is that a starting lineup of Derrick Rose, Ronnie Brewer, Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah lacks enough shooting to maximize everyone's talents. Then again, that is certainly a very solid team on paper.

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