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Construction Threatens To Make Indy Traffic A Mess; See Tips Here

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway is urging fans to plan ahead and arrive early due to a major highway construction project near the track.

This year, fans coming southbound down Interstate 465 won't be able to exit at Crawfordsville Road (typically a major entryway to the speedway area) west of the track because the exit is closed for the rest of the year.

Instead, fans should exit at 38th Street (Exit 17), which is one mile north of the Crawfordsville exit. The track says it has signs that fans will be able to follow to the track.

"The new Crawfordsville Road entrance from I-465 will be a beautiful, fitting entrance to ‘The Racing Capital of the World' when completed," IMS president and CEO Jeff Belskus said. "We appreciate everyone's cooperation and patience while this transformation takes place."

If you don't want to brave the traffic and parking hassles, a shuttle service will run from three downtown locations to the track (as well as one from the airport). Click here for more information.

Track officials are also advising fans not to use the 16th Street westbound route because it gets backed up with cars trying to park in the infield.

The bottom line: You may have to leave your house or hotel earlier than normal this year.