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For Bengie Molina, Hitting For The Cycle Is A Longtime Coming

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Even the 25th man on a Major League roster can do things most of us can only dream of but there's not one person who has seen Texas catcher Bengie Molina play who doesn't think: "I can beat that man in a race."

Molina maybe the slowest player in the majors but that did not stop him from accomplishing one of the most impressive feats for any player: hitting for the cycle.

Watching Molina lumber around the bases for a triple, only the sixth of his career, to complete the cycle has to be one of the highlights of the season.

Perhaps no one said it better than Rangers play-by-play broadcaster Josh Lewin, who upon Molina's arrival to third base, gleefully announced, "Pigs have flown in Boston, Massachusetts."

Or as Peter Gammons noted on Twitter: Bengiie Molina has hit for the cycle. The end is near.

Immediately after his triple, Molina was removed from the game due to tightness in his hamstring, presumably from running so far.