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Twitter Travails: David Huff May Have Scuttled Call-Up, Glen Davis Does the "Dougie"

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In case you were worried that the introduction of a bland, regal Twitter account to the sporting landscape would convince other athletes to clam up, I present the cases of David Huff and Glen Davis.

Huff's is the sad story. The Cleveland Indians AAA stalwart tweeted that he was getting a call-up to the big club Friday afternoon.

⇥Just got called up for a spot start Sunday against the Detriot Tigers at 1 pm EST. See you there!!
This would have been cool, except an Indians beat reporter retweeted Huff to say the Indians hadn't announced it yet, forcing the team's hand. And now the call-up "may or may not happen" and Huff's account is gone. Note to all marginal major leaguers: Do not celebrate possible good fortune until it's no longer fun to be the first to report it. Bad things will happen.

Davis, on the other hand, remains odd and funny.

What other NBA player would be bored enough to create an instructional video for the "dougie," a dance made popular by the underground hit "Teach Me How to Dougie"? (Video contains NSFW language, but you can watch it on mute and still laugh.)


For a big guy, Davis has some surprisingly smooth moves. But that doesn't make it any less funny that an NBA player had nothing better to do on a Friday night than upload a Twitvid of himself dancing.

So, athletes, two suggestions: Don't celebrate things that aren't done and/or completely in your hands, and post your instructional dance videos in the late afternoon rather than late at night. Or, alternatively: Be yourself, unless you're a farmhand in the Indians organization.

(HTs: Hardball Talk and Black Sports Online.)


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