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Alex Rios Goes Into Little League Mode, Enables Twins' Walkoff

The bottom of the ninth of Sunday's White Sox-Twins game was a complete disaster for the Sox: closer Bobby Jenks entered with a three-run lead, gave up two runs without recording an out, and was yanked. Sergio Santos then trotted out and issued a walk to load the bases, then surrendered an outfield single to Delmon Young. Michael Cuddyer, the runner on third, was held.


Outfielder Alex Rios scooped up the ball and double-clutched, apparently unsure of who to throw the ball to, then apparently decided to throw the ball to "infield." The infield is a big place, though, and he threw it where none of his teammates were. The ball bounced past the third-base line, Cuddyer scored, and the game was over.


Rios then trudged to the bleachers, where the team moms had arranged a delectable offering of oranges and bananas. He was informed by his mother that he could not go play putt-putt at Fun World with his friends, even though Bobby Jenks' mom "would be there the whole time and give [him] a ride back home." He then left in a wood-paneled station wagon and rode to his scheduled piano lessons, or as he referred to it, "stupid piano butt practice."