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50 Cent Uses Ronaldinho To Remind Us, Brazil He's Just Not That Good

As if to remind us that both artists are five years past their prime, 50 Cent brought Ronaldinho on stage this weekend during a concert in Rio de Janeiro, creating one of the most awkward cameos since Howard Stern shared a stage with Luke Perry.

For one of 50 Cent and Ronaldinho, I'm using the term artist liberally, with Fiddy's complete inability to use a Brazilian icon to get a reaction from the crowd serving as a nice snap-shot/analog for his contributions to hip hop.

I'm in uncharted territory here - brazenly deriding rappers - and should probably exercise a bit more caution, but if Toby Keith were able to get Tim Tebow to make a cameo at the Duval County State Fair, he'd probably have more stage savvy than to let the icon start dancing off stage after 40 seconds.

Credit to Ronaldinho for knowing when something's not working.  Check out the awkward, after the jump.

I would have loved to see Ronaldinho on the mic, as we don't see too many MCs with Ronnie's dentition, so few that I'm wondering if you can correlate success on the mic with position and size of your teeth.

I'm not saying that you can definitely use incisor prominence to predict album sales. I'm just saying I want Will Carroll and Keith Law to look into it.

Come to think of it, 50 Cent has some pretty big incisors. Nas?  Not so much.

Beyond spawning theories that could redefined our music culture, perhaps the only thing of value from this video: Ronaldinho was in Rio this weekend, the home of the defending Brasileirao champions, Flamengo. Fla is one of the teams in contention for Ronaldinho's services.

Could Dave Checketts be wrong about 'Dinho coming stateside?