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Shame On Louis Oosthuizen For His 'Boring' Victory

When Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson enter Sunday with a sizable lead and follow through with a convincing victory, they are feted as champions of spirit, heart, grit and determination.  When people like Louis Oosthuizen do it, they are insanely-boring.

Just ask this guy or this guy.  Heck, even the TV station broadcasting the event wasn't interested in Oosthuizen.

Oosthuizen's win might have been only slighty less boring that reading an article about how bored the writer was watching it, but there's another way it could be described.  As in, he dominated (which is how it would have been described if his nickname was Tiger). 

Mr. Oosthuizen won for the same reason as anyone who dominates a major championship: He played better than everyone else. For the week he was first in fairways hit (86%), tied for first in birdies (with 20), tied for third in total putts (with 121) fourth in driving distance (306 yards) and tied for eighth in greens in regulation (83%).

Garry Smits makes a good point to wrap things up...don't let your national columnists who cover mostly football, basketball and baseball anywhere near golf.

The kid did what any tournament winner was supposed to do: take a lead and run with it. I guess it would have been easier for the writers and commentators to craft stories of Oosthuizen pulling a Jean van de Velde and choking away a major championship, but jeez, pardon Oosty for resisting the urge to gag and actually stepping on the four-shot lead with which he began the day.

A veteran columnist once told me something that I've never forgot. If the odds-on favorite doesn't win a tournament, a game, a playoff series or whatever, remember this: the other guys get paid, too.