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Black And Red United: Loss To Galaxy Bummer But Entertaining

D.C. United blog Black And Red United seems worn down from the tough season so far. They didn’t expect much of the squad in their 2-1 loss to the Galaxy Sunday night. Still, they were happy to at least find the match entertaining. Hey, sometimes you take what you can get.

The feeling after this D.C. United loss to the Los Angeles Galaxy feels much different from the mid-week loss to the Seattle Sounders. This one was against the best team in the league, and it was a match that we were unlucky not to tie. Thursday’s game… Well I don’t want to talk about that one anymore.

Entertaining is the word I want to emphasize. This was a fun match to watch. I was watching from the edge of my seat. Maybe if this was earlier in the season or if we were in the middle of the playoff hunt, I would be more upset about a couple non-calls, about some questionable coaching moves, and about some really poor individual decisions. But because of where we are, and because of who they are, I was just able to enjoy the theater of this match.