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David Buehler Available For Dime Formation, If Necessary

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Cleveland Browns safety DeAngelo Smith was drafted in the fifth round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys, but never played a down for the team before being cut prior to the start of the regular season. There may have been other factors that weighed into that happening, but I'm gonna go ahead and disregard them in light of the news that he lost a race against the kicker during training camp, an incident that contributed in part to Wade Phillips banning such challenges.


Quoth the conquering kicker, David Buehler, in a recent interview with a radio station:

He was talking a bunch of trash, so I just shut him up. I knew I had the speed. It made me a little bit of capital, as well. So, there was a little bit on the line.

Suffice it to say, getting outrun by the kicker is a surefire way for a defensive back to get sent packing. But Buehler isn't done big-money hustlin' just yet. He wants to to take on Patrick Crayton and Tashard Choice as well. A shame he couldn't find a job with the Titans.