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Jeremiah Masoli's Latest Theoretical Destination: Ole Miss?

Very lately, it seems Jeremiah Masoli has everything a ferociously talented, occasionally felonious football star could want: a court date (Sept. 3) to close the book on his latest run-in with the law, a completed transcript of undergrad courses, and with that, the ability to transfer from Oregon with a full season of eligibility remaining.

Normal NCAA transfer rules would require Masoli to sit out a season after transferring, but because he completed undergraduate studies, that doesn't apply. The only caveat is he must enroll in a graduate program that offers a course of study Oregon does not offer.

Masoli's transferrin' eye has apparently wandered most lately to Ole Miss. SBN's Red Cup Rebellion ponders the possibility:

I know he was the Ducks' quarterback for the past two seasons, but his skillset is less that of a quarterback and more that of a squatty, hard-nosed halfback who can throw and generally manage an offense. Imagine the threat a player like Masoli could be out of the wildcat. [...] Purely as an athlete and football player, Masoli's potential contribution to the Rebels could be huge.
It then goes without saying that such a move would ring negatively with the press and provide ammunition for our ignorant, double-standard wielding "friends" down in Starkville (YOU RECRUITED CAM NEWTON A FEW MONTHS AGO HAVE YOU ALREADY FORGOTTEN THIS). Some could care less about this, while others are more sensitive to such. Regardless, one cannot deny the importance of media perceptions and the negative impact Masoli could have on such regarding the Rebels.

Masoli's also nursing a spurning from Hawaii -- it'll be interesting to see if bigger programs display the same fortitude.