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Tar Heels Of Interest In NCAA Investigation Include Marvin Austin, Greg Little

The NCAA's investigation of North Carolina coalesced a little over the weekend -- but only a little.

Defensive tackle Marvin Austin and wide receiver Greg Little reportedly were among those interviewed about receiving gifts or extra benefits, but little else is known since the NCAA is prohibiting school officials from publicly addressing the situation.

Austin's Twitter account had been deactivated and deleted by Friday morning.

Twitter accounts being deleted! This is getting real, y'all! Austin deleting his Twitter account will totally erase all suspicion that his recently-mentioned trip to Miami was rife with improper agent contact!

Speaking of which, don't miss this lovely parting gift, a quote from former Tar Heel Kentwan Balmer's agent Gary Wichard, who's entered the discussion as a possible suspicious player and is ever so gracefully attempting to distance himself from Austin:

“I’ve never talked to him about representing him,” Wichard said. “I've never gone down there, and I never will.”


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