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Pitt's Stread Pepper-Sprayed After Allegedly Throwing Victim Through Glass Window

Pitt’s senior defensive end Jabaal Sheard was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct following an alleged altercation late Saturday/early Sunday morning. Details have emerged about the incident and they don’t bode well for Sheard’s chances of getting reinstated by Pitt, let alone avoiding jail time.

According to the police report, several police officers tried to break up the scuffle, Sheard, who was reportedly being hit by police batons, picked up Parker and threw the 27-year-old through a glass door of a gallery.

Sheard jumped on the bleeding Parker, who was on the ground inside the art store, and continued punching him before police subdued the two with pepper spray.

Bad news for Pitt fans is that they probably won’t see Sheard suit up again for the Panthers. Good news is that he earned them seven points in the Fulmer Cup.