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Choking the Ref to Prevent a Yellow Card Will Get You a Red Card

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You may not be able to see this all that well, but the important part of the above video is Jose Pedrozo choking a ref who is about to fish a yellow card out of his pocket for the tackle that begins the clip. Pedrozo's anger necessitated restraint from his teammates and intervention from riot police, and he was, of course, shown a straight red after that,

But Pedrozo actually thinks his actions were justified and doesn't regret them at all, mostly because his team in Chile's second division, Rangers, lost 3-0 to Concepcion in part thanks to a penalty kick that was taken four times.


That's not the world's best way to give up a goal in a soccer match, but Pedrozo's unrepentant anger may be the world's best way to claim responsibility for your actions and still flip a figurative middle finger at the powers that be.

⇥After the game Pedroso said: "I'm not sorry... I understand that I will be punished and I will no longer play for Rangers or any other team. I intend to get away from football, I'd rather be at peace with my family in Paraguay."

If he never plays again—the league that would sanction Pedrozo is nuttier than he is, so there's little danger of him doing so—I suppose Pedrozo goes away from the game satisfied to have struck a blow against terrible refereeing.

The most interesting part of the video, for my money, is the crowd reacting with oohs, aahs, and a fair amount of laughter. It's bewildering. I suppose they knew the riot police were there, but I guess violence on the pitch is a bit more common in Chile, and correspondingly funnier.

(HT: The Spoiler.)


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