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Penn State "White Out" Against Temple Is Printing Error, Not Budding Rivalry

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↵There's a show on Food Network called Cupcake Wars and I was as surprised as you to learn that it's not, in fact, a reality show about the out-of-conference opponents that travel to Happy Valley year in and year out to face Penn State. ↵


↵Alas, a potential out-of-conference rivalry may be starting. With Temple suddenly coming off a season of not just bowl eligibility, but bowl participation, fans receiving their Penn State season tickets were led to believe that the battle for the eastern half of Pennsylvania's football heart is big enough to demand a White Out. ↵


↵Not so fast, say PSU officials. Per Kevin McGuire at The Examiner: ↵

↵⇥With the latest tradition seemingly scheduled for the September 25 game against Temple, a team Penn State has defeated 27 straight times and has not lost to since 1941, there was a sense of a let-down among fans. Since the creation of the Beaver Stadium-wide "White Out", nicknamed "The White House" in 2007 against Notre Dame, the unification of Penn State fans clad in white has been used for the biggest home game of the season. ↵⇥

↵⇥Paternoville President (yes, Paternoville has officers) Alex Cohen responded to the issue by stating that there was no White House discussed or scheduled. "Honestly, it was just a ticket misprint," Cohen said to The Daily Collegian. "There was no White House planned for this year." ↵⇥

↵The report quotes a tweet from Guido D'Elia, Penn State's Director of Communications and Branding, who wrote: ↵
↵⇥Not so fast!... Next "whitehouse" at Beav is Bama 2011 & not 9/25/10 as mis- printed on 2010 season tickets..bad computer! bad!! ↵
↵Sorry, Temple, you may have gone to a bowl game, but you aren't yet worthy of getting 100,000 fans to all dress in the same color for your road games. It was just an unfortunate accident, but win at Happy Valley this year and it may not be an accident in 2012.↵

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