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NCAA, Florida Investigating Possible Agent Contact With Maurkice Pouncey

ESPN's Pat Forde is reporting that Florida and the NCAA are investigating contact between former Florida offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey and an agent. The contact occurred between the SEC Championship Game and the 2010 Sugar Bowl, and allegedly involved an agent giving Pouncey $100,000 in cash. 

Florida is self-reporting this, so if true any and all punishments would likely be self-imposed, but coming on the heels of the Marvin Austin investigation at UNC and South Carolina's self-reported issues with agents and tight end Weslye Saunders, this is likely a shakeout of one long chain of improper agent contact with college football players. It's not a chain that's likely reached its end if the contact is this widespread and this blatant. It's like Outbreak, really: symptoms may include loss of bowl game victories, sudden rashes of loose cash in wallets and bank accounts, and the sight of university PR men scuttling for cover.