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Knee Surgery Bringing Early End To Ryan Sweeney's Season

25 year old Ryan Sweeney has been something of an underrated regular in Oakland for a few years now, hitting for average and getting on base while running down a lot of balls in the outfield. However, at the same time, he's developed a pretty long list of injury problems both minor and major, and this is just the latest chapter in the book:

Ryan Sweeney heading for surgery on his knees, done for the season.

Sweeney has been dealing with sore knees for at least several weeks, and recently had both a cortisone shot in his right knee and platelet-rich plasma injections in both of his knees. It would appear as if these didn't do enough, as he's prepared to go under the knife in hopes of getting healthy and ready for a successful 2011.

With the A's for all intents and purposes out of the race, Sweeney is not a devastating loss, but his .294 average does lead the team. Without him, Rajai Davis can breathe easier, and more playing time is opened up for the remaining members of what has at times been a crowded outfield. For more on Sweeney and the A's, check out Athletics Nation.