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Trail Blazers Hire Rich Cho As New General Manager

As first reported by Blazersedge, the Portland Trail Blazers have named former Oklahoma City Thunder assistant general manager Rich Cho as their new general manager.

Blazers President Larry Miller is excited.

"Rich is the perfect fit for our organization," said Miller. "He has the right balance of basketball knowledge, business acumen and tremendous people skills.   Everyone I spoke to about Rich commented not just on his qualifications but on who he is as a person. He is well known for his ability to connect genuinely with people.  Rich will be a great fit for our organization and for Portland. He is an executive on the rise and we're thrilled to have him as a Trail Blazer."

Watch Cho's press conference below and keep an eye on Blazersedge for more updates and analysis.

Trail Blazers introduce Rich Cho as new GM