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Best Of The SB Nation Network: July 1, 2010

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We have nearly 250 fantastic sports blogs in SB Nation, so in case you didn't have a chance to read them all today we've collected the best stuff right here. Get sports smart in no time fast!


- The Rangers acquired corpulent backstop Bengie Molina from the Giants for reliever Chris Ray (some other miscellaneous parts switched sides as well). Lone Star Ball has some reaction.

- The A's are ten games back of the Rangers in the AL West. With the trade deadline less than a month away, Athletics Nation says that Oakland is likely to stand pat.

- On the heels of Edwin Jackson's 149-pitch no-hitter last week, AZ SnakePit takes a look at the Diamondbacks' tendency to let their hurlers run up big pitch counts.

- Lots of things were said in Metsland over the past week, and Amazin' Avenue has compiled the best/dumbest/most interesting ones.


- In Calgary, they just signed Olli Jokinen. Again. If you know a Flames fan, hug him.

- Bird Watchers Anonymous warns us of the winners curse.

- Toronto fans shouldn't get their hopes up, says Pension Plan Puppets.


- Mile High Report samples the AFC West fanbases to see how they're feeling about the 2010 season.

- Gang Green Nation contemplates whether trading safety Kerry Rhodes was a good idea.

- The Dolphins face a very tough early schedule, The Phinsider says it's crucial they make it through still in contention.

- The Cowboys are counting on continuity as a growth strategy.