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Baseball World Stunned By Arizona's Dismissal Of Josh Byrnes

Okay, so when a team is struggling as bad as the Diamondbacks have been, seeing a manager get fired is fairly commonplace. But the leader of a young, forward-thinking front office? That's more unusual and controversial. Buster Olney tweets some little bits of information:

Byrnes will be unemployed for about...0.2 seconds. First, the Diamondbacks have him under contract for the next five years, and secondly, he is very, very, very highly...regarded -- and now some team can hire him as a consultant until he gets his next GM job, and it will be on the D-Backs' dime. Today...I posted a poll of 12 GMs, and of those, 2 said that of all the other GMs in the game, they would hire Josh as their GM.

From a rival high-ranking executive, about the D-Backs' changes: "That is a brutal decision. They just tore apart one of the best front offices in baseball."...Another GM on the D-Backs' change at GM: "Absolutely crazy."

Josh Byrnes didn't do everything right, but he's a terrific baseball mind, and one can openly question whether the Diamondbacks just responded to a bad start by making the organization worse.