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Hollis Thomas Reportedly Plans To Go To The UFL With Eight-Game NFL Suspension Looming

The NFL suspended free agent DT Hollis Thomas for violating the league's performance enhancing drugs policy.

Thomas was drafted into the UFL at the beginning of June and, according to Pro Football Talk, plans to make the leap to the second year league.

A UFL source tells us that Thomas plans to play for Omaha.  And the move makes sense.  His eight-game suspension will run regardless of whether he's on an NFL team.  So by the time the UFL season ends, Thomas will be able to jump back into the NFL, if he can find an interested team.

I thought Thomas's career was likely over but a good showing in the NFL could make him enticing to NFL teams down the stretch run. Defensive tackles don't grow on trees, even if they are 36 years old.