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Brazil-Netherlands: The Commercials

There's a good chance that today's match between Brazil and the Netherlands could wind up being the best of the 2010 World Cup. It's certainly the most anticipated matchup we've gotten so far from South Africa.

To wit, Castrol Football reminds us that neither of these teams has lost in the past 33 games, and that throughout history, the winner of every Brazil-Netherlands World Cup match has gone on to compete in the Cup Final.

So, yeah: The stakes are pretty high for this one. But who has the better commercial?

For the casual fans out there, looking for a primer to explain each of these "sides" and the tradition they bring with them to today's game, Nike will oblige. First, the Dutch.

Break their hearts, steal their fans. Orange is the color of insanity.

...And then there's Brazil. Joga Bonito, anyone?

You can only make beautiful music if you know how to play in an orchestra.

Any way you cut it, but these teams are pretty awesome, and the traditions they bring with them are part of what we love about international soccer. But today, you have to choose one.

So... Who ya got?