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Wimbledon: Tomas Berdych Wins Ridiculous Tiebreak, Goes Up Two Sets To None On Novak Djokovic

No. 12 Tomas Berdych is now a set away from his first career grand slam final, winning the second set tiebreak 11-9 to go up two sets to none on No. 3 Novak Djokovic.

He came out the winner, but the choking that Berdych was known for most of his career was on full display at the end of the set.

After ten straight relatively easy holds to begin the set, Berdych made his move at 5-5. He powered his way to triple break point, and an overhead that Djokovic missed long at 15-40 gave him a break and the chance to serve out the set at 6-5.

But Berdych got tight, and after a long, nervous game from both, Djokovic finally broke for the first time in the match on his third break point of the game, sending the set to a tiebreak.

Berdych looked to be totally in control in the tiebreak, going up 3-0 and gaining a second minibreak for a commanding 6-2 lead and four set points.

But despite two set points on his serve, at 6-3 and 6-4, Berdych could not finish, hitting some timid shots that allowed Djokovic back in the breaker, leveling the breaker at 6-6.

But seven points on serve later, it was Djokovic who got even tighter. Serving at 9-10, Djokovic hit a second serve into the top of the net, causing Berdych to scream and Djokovic to smash his racquet into his chair.