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World Cup 2010, Brazil Vs. Netherlands: Robinho Goal Holds Up Into Halftime

Brazil's 10th minute goal from Robinho gives the five-time champions a deserved halftime lead over the Netherlands, 1-0, in the quarterfinals of the 2010 World Cup.

Brazil took advantage of a defensive error from the Netherlands that allowed Robinho to be onside while behind the central defense, allowing the attacker to take a ball played from his own half and beat Maarten Stekelenburg from 18 yards out.

A Kaká shot in the 31st minute gave Brazil their other strong chance of the half, with Stekelenburg leaping up and to his left to save the midfielder's shot from the top of the penalty box.

The Netherlands' best chances came from a sharp angle shot from Dirk Kuyt to the left of goal in the 11th minute and a long, direct kick from Wesley Sneijder in the 36th minute.

The Netherlands are without defender Joris Mathijsen, who was left out of the team after injuring his right knee in pre-match warm-ups.