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NBA Free Agency: Suns Sign Hakim Warrick To Four Year, $18 Million Deal

In a move that perhaps augurs the departure of Amar'e Stoudemire from Phoenix, the Suns have signed former Bull Hakim Warrick to a four year, $18 million deal, according to .

The soon-to-be 28-year old Warrick is a solid if unspectacular option for the Suns (PER of 15.6, 16.9 and 16.2 the past three seasons), as an athletic four-man with a bit of range to his offensive game. But the big story is that Warrick's signing is likely an indication the Suns have resigned themselves to losing Amar'e Stoudemire. Indeed, Stoudemire reportedly turned down the Suns' final offer, which was a max deal -- albeit, with only three of the five years guaranteed, per Yahoo! Sports (the final two seasons would have been guaranteed if Stoudemire reached certain minutes played incentives). Stoudemire reportedly expects to receive a fully guaranteed max offer from the Knicks.

As for the Suns, after retaining Channing Frye and picking up Hakim Warrick, the team seems to be looking to replace Stoudemire's production by committee. And SB Nation's Bright Side of the Sun certainly likes it:

Clearly, Robert Sarver was not willing to wait around and see another one of their targeted free agents get scooped up by another team as happened to Amir Johnson, who signed a rather large contract (5yrs/$34m) with the Raptors yesterday. [...]

The Suns, wisely, won't try and replace Amare with one guy but will have a group approach and seek a longer term "star" solution down the road. Given the options at power forward in this market, that's the best approach.

Gut reaction, I like the deal. It was decisive and fills a roster need without making a long or large commitment that will limit flexibility to go after better players should those opportunities arise.

For more on the Suns and Hakim Warrick, check out Bright Side of the Sun.