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New Kentucky Investigation Report: NCAA Looking Into Players' Relationship With Agents

The NCAA is now looking into ties between agents and four current or former Kentucky basketball players, according to TMZ Sports. TMZ cited a source that has been interviewed by the Association.

In the case of one former Wildcat, we’re told the NCAA wants to know about his relationship with his current agent. We’re told the investigator asked about multiple meetings the agent allegedly had with the player … dating back to the player’s senior year in high school.

The insinuation is the agent had an arrangement with the player before he went to Kentucky.

Our Kentucky blog, A Sea Of Blue, is suspicious but also suggests that an investigation is inevitable.

So, my fellow members of the Big Blue Nation, be assured that even if this report is wrong, and this is not actually happening, it surely will eventually. It is just a matter of time. It is the price every school pays for recruiting at the very highest level.

Best to start working on a defense now, just in case.