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Bless You Boys: These Are Dire Times For The Tigers

Tigers fans, Bless You Boys has a message for you. Find the panic button, the reboot button or the eject button. The Detroit Tigers are officially in free-fall following their 14-inning loss to the Rangers Monday night.

The game began as a see-saw affair before settling in. The Tigers trailed by two in the second and three in the third. They used the long ball to get back into it. Magglio Ordonez had one homer, Miguel Cabrera had two. The teams exchanged runs in the seventh and eighth.

And then things slowed down a bit. Detroit had a chance to win it in the 11th after loading the bases with one out, but Carlos Guillen ended the threat by grounding into a double play. (Some may look to Johnny Damon for some blame, as he didn’t score on a Brennan Boesch single to center field when he wasn’t sure if it would be caught or not. In the postgame he said he lost the ball in the lights and Nelson faked him out, so he didn’t risk making an out.)

And oh-by-the way, lefty top prospect Casey Crosby was shut down for the season with pitching arm troubles.

If you’re looking for positives … you can supply some. These are dire times. I am beginning to think the baseball gods really, really hate us for some reason.