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2010 SEC Media Days: Enough Les Miles, LSU Fans Want To Hear From Someone Else

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Next up as SB Nation's college football crew gets ready for SEC Media Days: the mysterious PodKATT, who manages And The Valley Shook, SB Nation's LSU blog. He won't be at the media circus this week down in Hoover, Ala., but he still has some thoughts on it, as you would expect. He was kind enough to share a few with

SEC Media Days for LSU fans is usually more fun when listening to the other coaches. We've never really had a coach on the level of the OBC and his "Can't spell ciTrUs" lines. Saban was just as pissed back then as he is now with the Bama media, which made for some awkward silences, but no really memorable bits. Miles has certainly been friendlier to the crowds, but he remains neutral behind the mic when it comes to talking about the rest of the league. 

On the other hand, talking about LSU has seldom done him any favors with the mob that waits back home in Baton Rouge. Surely Miles will say something that will become the meme repeated endlessly by those hoping for his ouster. In 2008 it was "Defensively we promote within." Neither Mallory nor Peveto survived that year. In 2009, "Best Offensive Line Ever" led to a line that most certainly wasn't. 

Who knows what it will be this year, but realistically his time will be filled with some innocuous coach-speak. More than likely we'll get a few words about how Jefferson is the leader of this team and taking responsibility. Maybe he'll talk about how they are trusting him more with decision making or how they are gonna "open up the playbook" more than last season.

It's unfortunate that the format calls for one coach and three players because I think many Tiger fans would like to hear from our new wide receivers coach and "Passing Game Coordinator" Billy Gonzales about what exactly he plans to do with the offense this season. Patrick Peterson will talk about how he's the best cornerback on the planet right now, then some cocky Nashville radio guy will ask Kelvin Sheppard if he's saving himself for marriage. I hope the cameras are rolling for that one.