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Dustin Nippert Laughs In The Face of Potentially Serious Head Trauma

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↵Rangers reliever Dustin Nippert took a screaming line drive off the side of his head in the 6th inning of last night's game in Detroit. While the impact brought the game action to a temporary standstill, and rightfully so given how severe an injury it might have been, it turned out to be a thankful close-call. ↵

↵Nippert was able to laugh it off exiting the mound after the ball deflected off his cranium. Of course, that wouldn't necessarily mean he didn't still suffer a concussion, but fortunately CT scans conducted after the game were negative. Nevertheless, Rangers manager Ron Washington said he would give Nippert a few days off as a necessary precaution. If it weren't for his laugh, you could argue it may take a lesser man that long just to gather his wits about him. ↵


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