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White Sox Heavily Involved As Adam Dunn Trade Rumors Heat Up

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It wasn't long ago that contract extension negotiations between the Nationals and Adam Dunn broke off. Since then, GM Mike Rizzo has made Dunn available in trade talks. Or, perhaps more accurately, GM Mike Rizzo has set a price on Adam Dunn in trade talks. The price is reportedly very, very high, but that hasn't deterred the White Sox from trying their darndest:

According to a major-league source, [Chicago GM] Williams spent the last few days trying desperately to pry Adam Dunn from the grasps of the Washington Nationals, offering up "anyone and anything he has in the minor leagues in a package.'' And no one is untouchable, including pitcher Daniel Hudson or infielder Dayan Viciedo.

The problem?

"The problem Kenny is finding out is that [Nats GM Mike] Rizzo is acting like Dunn is Ryan Howard,'' the source said.

That means that Rizzo is still fixated on getting Gordon Beckham or Carlos Quentin, two players on the current big-league roster that Williams has refused to move.

We'll have to see whether either one of the general managers budges, but Dunn would make a lot of sense for the first-place White Sox, who haven't gotten anything out of left field or DH. Dunn, to date, has hit .286/.374/.575 as a first baseman, and is on pace for another mammoth home run season.

The White Sox, of course, are not the only team looking to swing a deal for a big bat, and Dunn's name has come up in connection with the Tampa Bay Rays as well. They haven't yet gotten involved to the degree that the White Sox have, but they could always jump in at a moment's notice.

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