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Jamie Moyer Departs Tuesday Start With Elbow Strain

A rough season is only getting worse for the Phillies, as Jamie Moyer had to come out of his Tuesday start against St. Louis after 18 pitches and a scoreless first inning. The reason?

Moyer left with a left elbow strain.

Moyer was relieved by rookie Andrew Carpenter. Though there's no word on the severity of Moyer's injury, he's just the latest Phillie to get banged up, and with Ruben Amaro already hinting that he could make a move for a starting pitcher by this weekend, this could only turn up the heat as the Phillies try to hang in the race.

Moyer has a 4.84 ERA and 63 strikeouts in 111.2 innings. Interestingly enough, over his 24 year career, he has never gone on the DL with an elbow injury.