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Rejoice! Harvard's Jeremy Lin Has Found A Home In The NBA

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You would think that only people from New England, or those who consider themselves avid fans of Asian-American basketball players, would have heard of Jeremy Lin. But that's really not true. Like any cult hero, the word has spread quickly with Lin.

It first took root when he was at Harvard, eviscerating the likes of UConn and my alma mater, Boston College. Whether it was the Sports Illustrated feature or just word of mouth, basketball fans were whispering about this miniature assassin from Harvard, and whether he could make it in the NBA. And just a few weeks ago, in summer league, when he upstaged no less than John Wall out in Las Vegas, he sort of answered that question.

So it was only a matter of time before someone signed him, right? Right??? Right.

It doesn't always happen this way with the "plucky fan favorite" types, but this time, it seems the masses will get what they want. According to ESPN's Marc Stein, the Golden State Warriors will sign Lin to a contract, with nearly half of the money guaranteed up front. For an undrafted rookie, that's quite an endorsement.

Via Deadspin, here are some Lin highlights set to Nelly, for some reason:

From a broader standpoint, it's very cool to see guys like Lin get a chance. People like Lin seem predisposed to winning, and too often, they're discarded by the pros in favor of some 18 year-old with an impressive wing span. And that's not to say that there's anything wrong with the Saer Senes of the world... It's just cool to see a team take a chance on a career overachiever, rather than the opposite.

And from a more specific perspective, Jeremy Lin used to work out at Boston College all the time, so I saw him up close often, played a few pickup games with him, and have two friends that beat him in 2-on-2.

Now, he's in the NBA. Do I deserve some sliver of credit for this development? Maybe.

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