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Fredi Gonzalez, Ryne Sandberg Tabbed As Candidates To Replace Lou Piniella As Cubs Manager

On the heels of Lou Piniella's announcement that he will retire as Cubs manager following the season, the names of some potential replacements are spilling out. The two so far:

Former Florida Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez will be one of the candidates interviewed for the Chicago Cubs managerial job, according to a major league source.
Hendry said Hall of Famer and Triple-A Iowa manager Ryne Sandberg will also be considered for the Cubs job. He is the only other known candidate at this point.

Sandberg, of course, would have wide local appeal, but Gonzalez would bring more Major League experience. Gonzalez also has a long-standing personal relationship with Cubs GM Jim Hendry.

The likelihood remains that Gonzalez will end up succeeding Bobby Cox in Atlanta.