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2010 SEC Media Days: Joker Phillips Makes His Debut

Joker Phillips of Kentucky made his debut at SEC Media Days, and immediately made a rookie mistake: opening with a joke. In a reference to Dicky Lyons’ famous Matt Stafford dream anecdote from last year he said:

“I had a dream that Dicky Lyons gave me mouth-to-mouth. He still haunts me.”

The joke bombed, but it may just be the afternoon nap attack striking the room right now. He’s granted a rookie mulligan, and applauded for his effort.


—Joker Phillips calls his plan for success at Kentucky “Operation Win.” T-Pain mourns the lack of two additional wins to honor his lyrical genius. Seriously, Joker Phillips used the word win about thirty times in five minutes. If he were a NASCAR driver, he’d be able to hit his sponsors at a terrifying rate in the post-race press confererence.

—Phillips addressed how the Kentucky were going to use Randall Cobb at wide receiver, running back, quarterback, kick and punt returner: “Randall Cobb is going to be the sorest guy in the league.” You’ve been warned, son.

CLICHE ALERT: “It’s important to have playmakers.” Still waiting for the first coach ever to walk up, grab the mike, and say “Playmakers are overrated. Me, I like sluggish, unmotivated players with little physical talent.”

—On assistant and former Tennessee quarterback Tee Martin: “He understands Facebook.” This is actually quite a resume line for coaches in 2010, though the leader in Kentucky’s technical proficiency may have been their departed coach Rich Brooks according to Phillips.

“That is a 68 year old man on Twitter. I get his golf score every day.”

—His final question was the one he usually gets first: his name isn’t Joker, but Joe. Joker is a nickname, thankfully, because his parents did not hate him.