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Ed Reed Preparing To Come Back But Says He 'Shouldn't Even Be Playing This Year'

Ravens safety Ed Reed had hip surgery in April that's expected to delay the start to his season. The Ravens options are to either carry him on the 53-man roster at the start of the season or start him off on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list which would cause him to be inactive the first six weeks of the season.

As of now, Reed says he's "leaning" toward the PUP list, according to the Baltimore Sun.

“It's going to be challenging opening up with the schedule we have whether I'm there or not,” Reed said on 105.7 The Fan on Tuesday. “If that’s the case, which I’m leaning toward that way more than anything, hopefully we can weather the storm. We have great players around us to get through those games and be able to make a run.”

This isn't exactly new news. At the end of June, Reed admitted that the hip injury would possibly keep him from starting the season on the active roster.

Reed also acknowledged that this isn't your run of the mill hip injury.

“Honestly, I shouldn't even be playing this year,” Reed said.

This makes recent reports of him seeking a contract extension even more perplexing.