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Need Sacramento Kings Tickets? Just Call BP

Assuming you're a high-ranking politician in a position to vote on or affect energy-related bills in the state of California, BP would absolutely love to invite you to a Kings game. Oh don't worry, it's not illegal.  California's lax laws on politicians accepting gifts allow for this sort of thing.  Of course, it's still better to keep it on the hush-hush.

For more than a decade, BP has operated a hush-hush phone line that California lawmakers can call to request box seats to NBA games and concerts at the Sacramento stadium named after its West Coast subsidiary.

In the past five years, BP has given state officials more than 1,200 complimentary tickets to the Arco Arena, hosting them in its corporate suite to see Sacramento Kings games, World Extreme Cagefighting matches, and Britney Spears and Lil Wayne concerts. Getting the tickets is as easy as calling the BP ticket request line, an exclusive, unpublished phone number that appears to exist for the sole purpose of granting freebies to lawmakers, regulators, and their staffs.

Remember the Western Conference Finals between the Kings and Lakers in 2002?  Over twenty politicians enjoyed the game from BP's suite. 

Unfortunately for Sacramento politicians, no one is fulfilling orders on the BP ticket request line these days.  They're a little busy...