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Source: Cardinals, Not Phillies, Are Front-Runner For Oswalt

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The Phillies have been rumored to be on the verge of a deal for Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt all day. According to NBC Sports’ Craig Calcaterra, it might just be the Cardinals, and not the Phillies, who are in the lead for Oswalt.

A major league source tells me that, contrary to what we’ve all been hearing for the past several days, the Phillies are not the front runners for Roy Oswalt. The St. Louis Cardinals are.

In fact, the Astros have been talking with Cardinals GM John Mozeliak for several days now, and Oswalt is quite amenable to go to St. Louis if the teams can agree on what players will head back to Houston. For their part, the Cardinals are convinced that matching Roy Oswalt up with Dave Duncan would take a guy who is already an ace and turn him back into the Cy Young candidate he was a few years ago. I’ll stop believing stuff like that when Dave Duncan actually fails for once. Which I wouldn’t bet on, frankly.

Of course, the same issue that plagues the Phillies deal does the same for this one…Oswalt’s $16M option for 2012. Calcaterra says Roy might be willing to work with St. Louis on that, so we shall see.

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