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2010 SEC Media Days: Alabama, Florida Kick-Off The First Day From Birmingham

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SEC Media Days kicks off today, college football's preeminent collection of people speculating feverishly about games that still like over a month and a half away from actually happening BOOYAH! 

Leading off today is Alabama and coach Nick Saban. Rabid Crimson Tide fans weren't in the lobby at 9 a.m. or anything ridiculous like that, nooooo. They were actually here at 8 a.m. camped out on the sofas a full five hours before anything resembling a Saban-like object was scheduled to walk through the door. 


The seriousness goes in this order: Bama and Saban first, then Mississippi State and the very caffeinated Dan Mullen follow. Joker Phillips of Kentucky and his crew follow, and Urban Meyer will allegedly cap the day for Florida. I say allegedly since we have to make sure he actually shows up for the gig before I believe it.  

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for updates from Birmingham throughout the day.