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MLB Trade Rumors: Dan Haren Another Ace Drawing Interest

While Cliff Lee has already been moved and names like Roy Oswalt, Ben Sheets, and Ted Lilly are getting thrown around, one arm who's getting less attention is Arizona's Dan Haren, who is very much on the table for the right price. A complication is that he has a partial no-trade clause, but writes Jack Magruder:

Dan Haren, the Diamondbacks’ most marketable trade chip, got a little more marketable Tuesday when he said he would consider waiving his partial no-trade clause for the right suitor.
"It is most definitely not ‘No way.’ I definitely would consider it," said Haren, whose contract permits him to name a group 12 teams this season and eight teams next year to which he can veto a deal.

Adds Ed Price:

St. Louis, meanwhile, was also believed to be trying to get a starter, with its focus on Cleveland's Jake Westbrook and Arizona's Dan Haren.

With Brad Penny and Kyle Lohse on the disabled list, the Cardinals over the past two months have gotten just two quality starts from a pitcher other than Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter or Jaime Garcia.

Haren's current 4.60 ERA is the highest it's been since he was a rookie, but his strikeout and walk rates are as good as they've ever been, and he's never been on the disabled list. He is, therefore, a very attractive and talented frontline starter. However, the no-trade clause and the fact that he's under contract for a reasonable price through 2012 makes him more difficult to acquire, as some teams will be no-gos, and Arizona will have to be impressed with any offer.

Still, the deadline breeds desperation, and desperation causes funny things, so Haren's name should continue to come up as July 31st approaches and contending teams look to add a big piece for a playoff run. While Haren prefers the West Coast and would like to stay in Arizona, a deal is not an impossibility.