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Rain...Or Shine? Get The Forecast From The Unofficial NASCAR Weatherman

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As a meteorologist for WROC-TV in Rochester, NY, I've been professionally forecasting the weather for more than nine years.

Not only am I a meteorologist, but I am also a big sports fan. I have many interests when it comes to sports, from baseball to the NFL to college basketball and football (Go Purdue Boilermakers!) to, of course, auto racing.

I started enjoying auto racing through my family's involvement with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. My grandfather was Tony Hulman's personal pilot. It wasn't until 1994 when NASCAR came to IMS that I started to occasionally follow stock car racing.

I started blogging race weather forecasts for the 2008 Indianapolis 500 on my personal weather blog. I've forecasted every Indy 500 since then. With the help of Twitter, last season I started my @NASCAR_WXMAN Twitter account and started to tweet about weather conditions at the track during races. I noticed when weather was a threat during a race, the TV commentators would mention rain but they never showed a radar or gave the fans watching at home any idea on when the rain would arrive and if it would delay or even shorten the race.

That gave me an idea to use Twitter and my knowledge about weather as a meteorologist to tweet about weather approaching the track and how it might affect the outcome of the race. Race day updates turned into race day weather forecasts and I started to become known as the unofficial NASCAR meteorologist on Twitter.

I want to thank SB Nation for giving me this opportunity to provide NASCAR weather information and forecasts to you, the readers. I take all my forecasts very seriously and will work as hard as I can to provide all of you with the best and most accurate forecast I can for each and every NASCAR race.