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Sports Illustrated Estimates Tiger Woods Lost $22 Million In Endorsements

According to Sports Illustrated's annual Fortunate 50, Tiger Woods has lost roughly $22 million in endorsements since last year due to certain happenings last November. Woods, whose endorsements have dropped from $92 million to $70 million, still remains the highest paid athlete on the planet despite earning $9 million less than in 2009. The tens of millions of dollars Woods lost in endorsements can be attributed to AT&T, Gatorade and Accenture, among others. However, a $10 million bonus from last year's FedEx Cup certainly helped to keep Woods' bottom line relatively stable. 

Woods has been ranked in the top spot for all seven years the magazine has been doing its report. 

The $90,508,163 that Tiger was estimated to have earned is more than $28 million higher than the list's second ranked earner, Phil Mickelson.  

From Golf Week via the AP:

Woods is still No. 1 on the list, as he has been for the rankings' seven years. But his estimated total earnings of more than $90 million are down 30 percent from nearly $128 million two years ago.

Phil Mickelson is again No. 2 with total earnings of more than $61 million. His estimated endorsement income is $52 million, compared with $70 million for Woods.

The American athlete also continues to out-earn their international counterparts. Roger Federer took over the top spot from David Beckham in this year's international rankings but Federer's $61,768,110 in estimated earnings marks him as the only international athlete that would crack the American top four -- rounded out by Floyd Mayweather Jr. and LeBron James.