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USC: Kindly Ignore The 10,000 Asterisks In Our Media Guide

According to the LA Times, sending back Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy isn't the only indignity USC will suffer as a result of the NCAA penalties incurred last month. As an added insult, there's going to be asterisks everywhere.

The university must qualify every winning score, every statistic and every mention of former tailback Reggie Bush that pertain to the two-year period covered by recent NCAA sanctions.

All those asterisks will be followed by some form of the phrase "later vacated due to NCAA penalty."

"The media guide will have about 100 asterisks in it," said Tim Tessalone, a department spokesman who prepares the annual publication.

Oh yeah, remember that? That happened, but it didn't count, so it basically didn't happen. Neither did that. And then that happened.*

*No, it didn't, actually.

Oh, look! O.J. Mayo, proud alumnus.*********