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2010 Media Days: Bobby Petrino Says A Massive Amount Of Nothing

Bobby Petrino spoke for 35 minutes, was jovial, cheerful, polite, polished, prepared, and otherwise far more comfortable and pleasant in the media spotlight. He also said absolutely nothing of interest, and my notes show this. He said these things:

—Ryan Mallett has a nice smile.

—They didn’t feel like they could beat Alabama, and it’s important to believe you can beat someone.

—Petrino doesn’t do Facebook, but his staff does, and discovered that wide receiver Cobi Hamilton was having thumb surgery from reading through Facebook.

Other than that, I can’t tell you a single thing Petrino said. He must have spent the entire offseason reading the Jim Tressel Coaching Manual On Saying Nothing In Five Thousand Words, because he was a talking cipher leaving no traces for reporters to follow.

Ryan Mallett, the 6’ 7" qb for the Razorbacks, was far more interesting.

—His foot is fine, and with all the swim rehab he’s been doing he’s going to try out for the Olympics in 2014, he says. This would mean that swimming would be a winter sport by then since the ‘14 games are the Winter Games, but if Arkansas alum Jerry Jones wants it to happen it’s going to happen.

—A reporter asked if he had any reports on how his receivers were doing in seven on sevens this summer, and Mallett responded “I do have inside information, since I’ve beent throwing to them.”

—On his arm strength: "Some people call it the “Mallett arm” others call it the “family arm.” The Malletts are accurate, if not completely creative people.

Mark Richt is up next, and should produce at least one quote, which is one more than Petrino made.