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NBA 2K11 Set To Unveil 'The Jordan Challenge'

News broke a few months ago that Michael Jordan would be the cover athlete for NBA 2K11, launching many to speculate what sort of role he'd have in the game. Now, we have some answers.  According to multiple sources, Michael Jordan won't just be included in the game, but he'll be a centerpiece.

From USA Today:

Pro basketball simulation NBA 2K11 will feature a new game mode where players can relive legendary moments from the career of Michael Jordan.

The Jordan Challenge will focus on 10 games from the Chicago Bulls legend's playing days. Each game will include a series of statistical goals players must complete as his Airness.

"(Players) will get a chance to feel how hard it was to actually achieve what he did," says Jason Argent, vice president of marketing for game publisher 2K Sports.

Huh. Seems pretty cool. And it will be. Unless you happen to like the Washington Wizards...

The real situations are here, and after the jump, my suggestions for the 10 games comprising the Jordan challenge.

  1. November 27, 2001. 9-24 FG, 18 points. Cavaliers 94-Wizards 75
  2. December 27, 2001. 2-10 FG, 6 points. Pacers 108-Wizards 81
  3. January 16, 2002. 4-14 FG, 10 points. Nets 111-Wizards 67
  4. February 7, 2002. 12-30 FG, 25 points. Wizards 108-Kings 101
  5. April 16, 2002. DNP. Wizards 116-Knicks 112. Lash out at young players in post-game interview, trade Richard Hamilton for Jerry Stackhouse a few weeks later.
  6. December 6, 2002. 7-24 FG, 16 points. Magic 88-Wizards 78
  7. January 2, 2003. 4-11 FG, 10 points. Wizards 107, Bulls 82.
  8. March 2, 2003. 9-27 FG, 27 points. Wizards 83-Heat 93
  9. April 13, 2003. 9-22 FG, 22 points. Knicks 93-Wizards 79. Last NBA home game. Ignore D.C. fans, disrespect beloved owner Abe Polin. Retire. Get fired.
  10. September 11, 2009. Hall-of-fame induction. Don't mention the Wizards. Disgrace yourself anyway. 

Wait a second, you wanted to relive the Bulls memories?


That makes sense.

Those were more fun.

Sorta makes me wish Jordan hadn't ruined those memories for all Wizards fans by hijacking our franchise and ultimately treating an entire city like crap. 


Why was Michael Jordan such a d**khead?

/never forget