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LeBron James Gives Chris Paul His Blessing To Seek Trade

Okay Hornets fans, now's the time to panic. No less than LeBron James has come out of the woodwork to offer support for Chris Paul.


It's a small gesture, but still. Paul's newfound alliance with James' marketing company is widely suspected as the source of his sudden urgency about finding a new home, and without delving too far into a discussion about LeBron, it's safe to say he's laid out a pretty clear blueprint for any young superstars looking to "do what's best for their family."

I mean, as an NBA fan, I'd be terrified if LeBron James even spoke to my favorite team's star player, let alone called him one of his best friends. And if James offered a public show of support just hours after said star was rumored to have demanded a trade to a team with one or more superstars? Yeah...

That writing on the wall over there? It's not good for the Hornets.